[Engine-devel] network - UI Sync meeting

Simon Grinberg simon at redhat.com
Wed Feb 22 05:56:23 EST 2012

> Follow-up meeting on setup networks UI.
> issues to follow:
> 1. can VDSM attach many non-vlan and many vlan networks to a single
> nic? (Dan - please reply if its doable)

Yes and no

Easy to do:
One non-Vlan + many vlan tagged 

If all the non-Vlan are also bridles then yes:
Either using iprout or alias IP

Alias IP can't be enslaved to a bridge thus if deciding to use alias IP then
can also do:
1 Non VLAN tagged + many tagged to many bridge-less non-tagged 

You probably can also create many iprout muti IP on a single bridge but not sure about the benefit of this - and still need verification. 

> 2. if yes is the UI breakdown of vlan/non-vlan is probably not
> necessary?

Like you can see above more then necessary, may even need a third category :( 

> open issues:
> 1.should we use "VmNetwork"? (or "allow/able to run VMs" you name it)
> would it be a DC or a Cluster property?

I tend to say yes. Cluster level.
PS. Network may have few attributes.

Management + VMs on one network Storage on the other 
Display + VMs + mamagement + storage (Small setup, with single network, Local storage DC) 


> 2.should we implicitly set bridge/bridgeless when attaching a network
> with setupnetworks?

Depending on the VM-networks tag if we have it.

Best way is to be add by vdsm as needed (When creating the first VM the uses it) but this raises some flows that not sure you want to have for 3.1 time frame

> 3.nickless networks - was that planned for this version? VDSM support
> it already but we are missing the UI and Backend for it.

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