The oVirt Team strive to provide a stable solution and provide timely updates to improve on that solution. After GA of every major release we try to provide updates to discovered issues on a monthly basis.

In the current process we announce a release date just after the previous release (usually a month ahead) and aim to fix to scoped issues for this date. Sometimes we fail to meet that date when we see that the scope was not met or that the stability is not up to the release standard. This means that we have to change the announced date and this might happen several times.

In order to improve on this process, maintenance (not like major) releases will not have a declared date and will be released when ready. We will remain attentive to needs of urgent issues and will continue to aim for monthly release, but instead we will provide weekly updates on current status of development and testing of maintenance releases and gaps we are working to close for that release.

Sandro Bonazzola
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