The oVirt Project is pleased to announce today the general availability of oVirt 3.6.1.

This latest community release includes several new features, such as:

* Ability to add/remove objects from the PM Proxy Preference list in the Power Management tab of Edit Host
* Enhanced Cinder Provider -> Authentication Keys -> New/Edit dialog
* Possibility to authenticate engine admin users to the JBoss JMX interface
* Hosted Engine storage domain auto-import

oVirt is an open-source, openly-governed enterprise virtualization management application, developed by a global community. You can use the oVirt management interface (oVirt Engine) to manage hardware nodes, storage and network resources, and to deploy and monitor virtual machines running in your data center.

If you are familiar with VMware products, oVirt is conceptually similar to vSphere. oVirt serves as the bedrock for Red Hat's Enterprise Virtualization product, and it is the "upstream" project where new features are developed prior to their inclusion in Red Hat's supported product offering. 

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