As the virtualization market matures, IT organizations need to deploy virtualization features that help to deliver services faster while driving innovation and eliminating costly manual tasks. oVirt 4.0 introduces a new seamless system dashboard that is suited for large scale virtualization environments. The dashboard provides easy access monitoring information for the infrastructure including a resource global utilization overview of CPU, memory, and storage host resources.

oVirt 4.0 will not include a suite of previously available JasperReports Server pre-built reports. In the interim, users accustomed to this functionality will need to use the data warehouses SQL API either directly or through an external Business Intelligence tool or remain with oVirt Reporting 3.6 on a separate server which will still work with 4.0 oVirt Data Warehouse. In upcoming releases, oVirt will continue to enhance the user experience by providing a metric store solution and a visualization tool. Together, these tools will provide better scale and a richer set of metric data. In addition, there will be enhanced advanced analytics, self-service dashboards and widget creation functionality.

Sandro Bonazzola
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