The Summer conference season has drawn to a close, and our team continues to make a big impact! More than ever before, new users are checking out oVirt and falling for its ease of use and powerful management tools! 

Here's what was happening to oVirt in August!
Software Releases

oVirt 3.5.4 Final Release is now available

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of oVirt 3.6.0 First Beta release

In the Community

Get Involved in oVirt Project! Autumn Edition

Monitor oVirt or libvirt with SNMP and Zabbix

Event Report--LinuxCon NA 2015

Findings from Reviewing the oVirt Overall Dashboard Concept at Red Hat Summit

Migrating Physical Machines to oVirt with Relax-and-Recover (p2v using rear)

Create Daily RHEVM Backups

Nested KVM Virtualization with RHEV

RHEV-M Network Persistence Issue

Virsh Read Commands to Manage RHEV-H Credentials

RHEV-VM Disk Export and Backup with Best Performance Without East-West Traffic

VM Details Not Shown on RHEV-M?

Access RHEV-M with CLI

How to Install RedHat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 3.5 – Part 1

How to Deploy RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor (RHEV-H) – Part 2

How to Deploy Data-Centers with Cluster and Add ISCSI Storage in RHEV Environment

How to Deploy Virtual Machines in RHEV Environment – Part 4

RHEV Platform: How to Install Guest Agents and Drivers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtual Machine [Chinese]

Deep Dives and Technical Discussions

August Penguin Conference: Virtualization Management The oVirt Way (Slides)

KVM Forum: oVirt SR-IOV Support (Slides) (Video)

KVM Forum: Managed Conversion of Guests to oVirt (Slides) (Video)

KVM Forum: oVirt--Long Way From An Unpaved Road to the Highway (Slides) (Video)

KVM Forum: oVirt and Gluster hyper-converged! (Slides)

KVM Forum: oVirt Self-Hosted Engine Seamless Deployment (Slides) (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive Video Series

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Virt Improvements (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Live Storage Migration Between Mixed Domains (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Guest Serial Console (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: External Status for Host & Storage Domain (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Moving Your Virtual Machines to oVirt with Ease (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: VFIO--Host Device Passthrough Support (Video)

SmartState Analysis on RHEV-M hosted VMs (Video)

Running VMware ESXi under oVirt

oVirt Manager Backup Script

oVirt - Power Management for Nested Hypervisors

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