Not sure how it was in your part of the world, but by golly it sure was hot in North America. But the weather was no match for the global oVirt team, who followed up on the June launch of oVirt 4.0 with solid new releases, a new oVirt sub-project, and participation in the 2016 KVM Forum!

It's been a busy summer, so here's what happened in July and August 2016:

Software Releases

oVirt 4.0.3 Final Release is now available

New oVirt-Live (4.0.3) is available for download

oVirt 4.0.4 First Release Candidate is now available

Announcing the oVirt Engine DR Sub-project

In the Community

Up and Running with oVirt 4.0 and Gluster Storage

Monitoring Improvements in oVirt

Manage Your Hosted Engine Hosts Deployment Via Engine

oVirt Engine 4.0 Installation Issues on Fedora 24

Subclusters in oVirt 4.0 - Label-Based VM to Host Affinity

Editable Field Annotations Consolidation

Dependency Injection and Mockito

Application-Scoped Tests for oVirt with Arquillian

Deep Dives and Technical Discussions

Self-service portals and virtualization

Technical info on oVirt agent and SSO

How to handle security risks in Red Hat virtualization environments

oVirt 4.0 mit neuem Dashboard [German]

KVM Forum 2016: Slides

Kernel Protection Using Hardware-Based Virtualization
By Jun Nakajima

An Introduction to PCI Device Assignment with VFIO
By Alex Williamson

CPU hotplug support in QEMU
By Bharata B Rao

As time goes by, analysing where we spend our cycles during exits
By Christian Bornträger

Nesting KVM on s390x
By David Hildenbrand

Status update on KVM-COLO FT
By HailiangZhang

quo vadis virtio?
By Michael S. Tsirkin

atomic.h weapons: the C11 memory model and QEMU
By Paolo Bonzini

Vhost with Guest vIOMMU
By Peter Xu

QEMU community growth through open source internships
By Stefan Hajnoczi

AMD’s virtualization memory encryption technology
By Thomas Lendacky

Design of Vhost-pci
By Wei Wang

Real Time KVM
By Rik van Riel

Qemu as a USB-MTP responder
By Bandan Das

Light weight virtualization with QEMU/KVM
By Chao Peng

KVM on System z: The Good, the Bad and the Weird
By Cornelia Huck

Libvirt Admin API - a different kind of management for libvirt
By Erik Skultety

Backups with QEMU
By Max Reitz

TCG enhancements for PowerPC
By Nikunj Dadhania

I/O prefetch cache as QEMU block filter driver
By Pavel Butsykin

QEMU support for the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture
By Sagar Karandikar

Performant Security Hardening of KVM
By Steve Rutherford

Microsoft Failover Clustering on KVM
By Vadim Rozenfeld

VMBus (Hyper-V) devices in QEMU/KVM
By Роман Каган

Brian Proffitt
Principal Community Analyst
Open Source and Standards