ASL 2 is correct and aligns well to our other dependent components.   I will add it to the page later today. 

My intent is to have the code in our github report in time for next week's workshop.  


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Subject: Re: [VOTE] Include Nomad into the oVirt Incubator
From: Carl Trieloff <>
To: Chris Wright <>
CC: "" <>

On 10/24/2011 01:47 PM, Chris Wright wrote:
> * Carl Trieloff ( wrote:
>> >
>> > This vote is to include Nomad into the oVirt incubtaor. Details about
>> > the project can be found at
>> >
> Do we require source and license info?  The application is missing
> both of those.

We don't require source so that a company can get a vote before making
the source public if they are going to open source it to oVirt incubator.

However we should include license in the doc.


Can you add that. I assume ASL2.0

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