The moVirt Project was initially accepted as an oVirt incubator project in February 2015. It has been a successful subproject for quite some time and it is well due for being accepted as a full oVirt project. I believe it is appropriate to post a Call for Vote on the Devel and Board lists.

A “healthy” project, as determined by the oVirt Board, can be found at

Voting will be open until 1200 UTC Nov. 30, 2016. A net total of +7 votes should be received to formalize this project as an full oVirt project. Please use the following vote process:

Yes, agree, or the action should be performed. On some issues, this vote must only be given after the voter has tested the action on their own system(s).

Abstain, no opinion, or I am happy to let the other group members decide this issue. An abstention may have detrimental affects if too many people abstain.

No, I veto this action. All vetos must include an explanation of why the veto is appropriate. A veto with no explanation is void.

Thank you!

Brian Proffitt
Principal Community Analyst
Open Source and Standards