Greetings all,

It's about time for our weekly IRC meeting. I'm not sure how many people are around this week who are US-based, as we're moving towards our Thanksgiving Holiday here and a lot of people take the day before Thanksgiving off (which just happens to be today).

However, I figured we have plenty of non-US based folks, so let's see what we can get done today. Feel free to bring your own topics and we'll collect at the beginning of the meeting.

See you there!



oVirt Sync Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 15:00 UTC (10:00am US Eastern, 7:00am US Pacific)

Invitees: list subscribers

IRC Meeting:

* in #ovirt

Agenda topics include:

* Press release status

* Upcoming event planning

* Moving towards first release, release date feedback

* FTP/repository setup status

* Other items to be added during open floor in meeting