as we did for 3.4, I'm going to do some housekeeping on ovirt-engine git repo.
Unless a good reason is given I'm going to drop the following branches, being all of them still reachable by tags.
ovirt-engine-3.5.0 f1019d9bc8de4e6bc10b63c610a16bba198e7d81
ovirt-engine-3.5.1 5b7a28ce6bb19d102af4ae21fc551b81cac93364
ovirt-engine-3.5.2 3f7b0e9aebe414d6a10e441d43425a179ecb6832
ovirt-engine-3.5.3 44a86f751fe14c166edc473eb39bf31460485de9
ovirt-engine-3.5.4 3fef2bed2e8efd02aca737fbd12ea92ecc5ba11c
ovirt-engine-3.5.5 6e3937095f5b447a6a0db660ded6b7d2453f5801


Sandro Bonazzola
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