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This mail is to provide the current status of CQ and allow people to review status before and after the weekend.
Please refer to below colour map for further information on the meaning of the colours.

CQ-4.2GREEN (#1)

Last failure was on 18-06 for project v2v-conversion-host due to failed build-artifacts
which is already fixed by next merged patches.

CQ-4.3 RED (#1)

1. We have a failure on ovirt-engine-metrics due to a dependency to a new ansible package that has not been synced yet to centos repo.
I am adding virt-sig-common repo until this is synced next week:

It looks like its constantly failing on ovirt-ovn-provider now - https://jenkins.ovirt.org/view/Change%20queue%20jobs/job/ovirt-4.3_change-queue-tester/1287/

CQ-Master:  RED (#1)

1. same failure on ovirt-engine-metrics as 4.3

Is it fixed or still failing?  
looks like metrics passed today
2. ovirt-hosted-engine-setup is failing due to package dependency change from python-libguestfs to python2-libguestfs. mail sent to Ido to check the issue.

Happy week!


Green = job has been passing successfully

** green for more than 3 days may suggest we need a review of our test coverage

  1. 1-3 days       GREEN (#1)

  2. 4-7 days       GREEN (#2)

  3. Over 7 days GREEN (#3)

Yellow = intermittent failures for different projects but no lasting or current regressions

** intermittent would be a healthy project as we expect a number of failures during the week

** I will not report any of the solved failures or regressions.

  1. Solved job failures        YELLOW (#1)

  2. Solved regressions      YELLOW (#2)

Red = job has been failing

** Active Failures. The colour will change based on the amount of time the project/s has been broken. Only active regressions would be reported.

  1. 1-3 days      RED (#1)

  2. 4-7 days      RED (#2)

  3. Over 7 days RED (#3)


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