On 23 Jan 2019, at 12:32, Akshita Jain <akshitajain.cis@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi, I'm doing R&D project using oVirt 4.2.
In my project i want to access the VNC Console on multiple screens from our separately hosted noVNC but I'm unable to access VNC console on multiple screen as it is password protected.
Is there any way to disable the VNC Console Password and change it to a fixed value?

no, but you can use the same password on multiple hosts if you connect soon enough, it’s valid for 120s.
you would also have to change (using a vdsm hook) the connection policy from "drop" to “share” to allow multiple clients
but once you use a hook you can as well just set a fixed password. Just beware it will not work from webadmin as it always sets the random one.



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