On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 11:56 AM, David Caro <dcaro@redhat.com> wrote:
On 03/30 11:45, Roy Golan wrote:
> Hi all,
> Eyal and I sat together to analyse and tweak the engine CI and this is what
> we came up with:
> - dao test excludes updated - exclude dal/src/main/bundles from invoking
> dao tests
>   A trivial update of validation messages without any db change would
> trigger dao test without any need. This is one less job run for lots of
> patches.
> This change is effective now.

I really recommend merging this into the standard ci scripts and doing the
trigger/don't trigger stuff there

> - Spare CI re-run on trivial rebases
>   Gerrit trigger supports suppressing itself if the change to the tree was
> trivial. Most of the waste of resources(time and IO :) )  is around
> rebasing a change and waiting for CI to rerun. if Change1 is ci+1 and
> Change2 is ci+1 the chances that they will break CI together is very small
> and taking that risk is most probably worth it due to the huge resources
> waste

This is not exactly how it works, trivial rebases don't care if the previous
patch had ci+1 or not, it just means that the rebase did not get any conflicts,
that most of the time is not related to the tests working or not (it might be
that someone change a method on another file, that your patch is using and it
will be a trivial rebase and break the tests/compile).

Yes but this is very unlikely to happen. But there are obvious cases where it can:
If HEAD chaged a configuration file like pom files or other xml like fixtures.xml so we can force a trigger if there was a diff in the rebase change list.

I don't really recommend skipping them. What you might meant is non-code
changes, those are changes that only change the commit message, for example, if
you have a patch, and you want to fix a typo in the commit message, currently
that small commit message fix will require and trigger a ci run, while when
skipping the non-code changes, it will not needed.

We should exclude non-code changes only too.

>   This change isn't effective yet - *Please reply here* if you agree or not
> to make this change available.
> All of this is 'master' - 3.6 will follow if we will agree on activating
> that change.
> Thanks,
> Roy

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