Hi all,

We want to run functional tests as part of Vdsm CI for each patch before merge. Therefore we need to declare how to automate this process without overloading our jenkins machines.
The functional tests will run using lago (https://github.com/ovirt/lago) - It will initiate multiply vms, install vdsm and manipulate it by nosetests or other procedures such as upgrade, removal and so on.

Currently standard CI provides check-patch and check-merged scripts (http://ovirt-infra-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/CI/Build_and_test_standards.html) the problem with check-merged is that it will run after merge which doesn't help if something fails.

We want to allow developers to trigger the script once reviews and verification are ready (last step before merge). To do so we agreed to add Continues Integration flag for each vdsm patch. Once this flag will be signed with +1 it will trigger Jenkins CI to run the check-merged script (adding new button to gerrit is not an option - you can image that flag as a trigger button), on success Jenkins CI flag will turn to +2. on fail we'll get -1 and once new patchset is ready the developer will remove the +1 and add it back to the Continues Integration flag to re-trigger the job.

Please ack the process before we move on with that 

The patch for those scripts still under review and testing - https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/48268


Yaniv Bronhaim.