Hi everyone,
As you probably know we are now in a mode in which we develop our next zstream version on the master branch as opposed to how we worked before where the master version was dedicated for the next major version. This makes the rapid changes in master to be delivered to customers in a much higher cadence thus affecting stability.
Due to that we think it's best that from now on merges in the master branch will be done only by stable branch maintainers after inspecting those closely.

What you need to do in order to get your patch merged:
- Have it pass Jenkins
- Have it get code review +2
- Have it mark verified +1
- It's always encourage to have it tested by OST, for bigger changes it's a must

Once you have all those covered, please add me as a reviewer and I'll examine it and merge if everything seems right, if I haven't done it in a timely manner feel free to ping me.