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I am seeing a failure in CQ (see below).

this is because of failed job:

ovirt-hosted-engine-ha_master_build-artifacts-fc26-x86_64 (28) failed building

And this job seemed to have failed due to a packaging issue:


11:43:08 Error: Package: ovirt-imageio-daemon-1.2.0-0.201710301042.git86ff585.fc26.noarch (ovirt-master-snapshot)
11:43:08            Requires: ovirt-imageio-common = 1.2.0-0.201710301042.git86ff585.fc26

This is correct, the daemon requires now the common package from the same version.
11:43:08            Available: ovirt-imageio-common-1.2.0-0.201710261209.git0014861.fc26.noarch (ovirt-master-snapshot)
11:43:08                ovirt-imageio-common = 1.2.0-0.201710261209.git0014861.fc26

Seems that ovirt-master-snapshot repo is bad, it should contain the latest version of ovirt-imageio packages.
11:43:08            Available: ovirt-imageio-common-1.2.0-0.201710290856.gitc099060.fc26.noarch (ovirt-master-snapshot)
11:43:08                ovirt-imageio-common = 1.2.0-0.201710290856.gitc099060.fc26
11:43:08            Installing: ovirt-imageio-common-1.2.0-0.201710301041.git86ff585.fc26.noarch (ovirt-master-snapshot)
11:43:08                ovirt-imageio-common = 1.2.0-0.201710301041.git86ff585.fc26
11:43:08  You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
11:43:08  You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest
11:43:08 Took 21 seconds



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Subject: [CQ]: 83278, 1 (ovirt-hosted-engine-ha) failed "ovirt-master" system tests
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2017 14:22:24 +0000 (UTC)
From: oVirt Jenkins <jenkins@ovirt.org>
To: infra@ovirt.org

Change 83278,1 (ovirt-hosted-engine-ha) is probably the reason behind recent
system test failures in the "ovirt-master" change queue and needs to be fixed.

I don't think this change is related, this looks like a repo or publisher issue.
This change had been removed from the testing queue. Artifacts build from this
change will not be released until it is fixed.

For further details about the change see:

For failed test results see:
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