I'd like to get comments on removing ISO domain creation from engine-setup.

ISO domain creation was included in 3.2 for allowing to finish the setup with ISO domain ready to serve Windows Guest Tools which is injected into the iso domain if the rpm is installed.
The NFS share was created *(rw) in 3.2.
In later releases we first restricted access, then asked the user to provide access policy during setup and now we moved the default to not create the ISO domain.

We have several issues with iso domain creation:

Bug 1302745 - [engine-setup] creation of iso domain path is not rolled back, a next attempt leaves an empty domain

Bug 1332813 - Hosted engine should not allow iso domain to be configured in the RHEV-M VM 

Having ISO domain within hosted engine leads to really bad issues and we're streamlining the hosted engine installation with NGN, cockpit and appliance so HE will be the most easy way to have oVirt installed making ISO domain not useful and even dangerous in engine-setup.

For this reason the bug has ben changed in: Deprecate the ISO domain setup on the RHEV-M machine (hide it in 4.0)
Meaning that using answer file you'll be able to create it anyway in 4.0 but the question won't be exposed in interactive setup.

Any concern about this change? Any comment?

Sandro Bonazzola
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