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> Subject: [ovirt-devel] [oVirt 3.6 Localization Question #39] "prefixMsg,"
> Hello all,
> Here is another question:
> File: UIMessages
> Resource IDs:
> numberValidationNumberBetweenInvalidReason
> numberValidationNumberGreaterInvalidReason
> numberValidationNumberLessInvalidReason
> Strings:
{0} between {1} and {2}.
> {0} greater than or equal to {1}.
> {0} less than or equal to {1}.
> Question: Could you please provide some example of those messages? Comment
> section in each of those strings states "0=prefixMsg" but I would like to
> know what will actually replace {0}, so that I can translate them properly.

Dear Yuko,

to my knowledge, above 3 msg keys [numberValidation*] are meant
to replace existing 3 msg keys [integerValidation*] as part of
UI validation logic refactoring.

Please note that [numberValidation*] msg's are not used yet,
even though they were introduced into UIMessages.java file.

In general, 'prefixMsg' in [numberValidation*] msg's should
follow the same structure as in [integerValidation*] msg's.

Example 'prefixMsg':
This field must contain an integer number

Related patch: https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/48082/

​Hi Vojtech,

Thank you for your help.

While applying change to translation, I realized that this does not work well in some non-English languages, including Japanese.

In these examples,
This field must contain an integer number between {1} and {2}.
This field must contain an integer number greater than or equal to {1}.
This field must contain an integer number less than or equal to {1}.

I need to place the part describing the number (i.g. close after betwee, greater, less) before the word "an integer number" in my translation.

Order of words change depending on the language.
​Thus it would be better if 
{0} prefixMsg is not used in those three strings so that we can change the order when we translate these.

Please let me know if you would like me to file a BZ for this.

Kind regards,


> Kind regards,
> Yuko
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