Hello everyone!
I am trying to analyze traffic between ovirt-engine and vdsm.
First strange thing is, that it should be encrypted by default . When I listen in wireshark for message from engine to vdsm being on the engine machine, the traffic is not encrypted. It is only tcp. I expect it then be acceptable for wireshark json dissector. But this is not a json. Is this a normal situation or I should set up encryption by myself?

However, on the guest machine, I see in wireshark that the traffic between engine and vdsm is encrypted.  ( I have a configuration of my computer as a client and two VMs as engine and node). So , I am trying to use engine's private key to decrypt it. The private key is not engine_id_rsa (am I right?), but it is hidden inside .p12 file. To extract the key from this file I need a password. During the ovirt installing I didn't set up any password for this. Is this maybe a default one? How can I extract a private key?

So, the final questions are:
1) Should the traffic between engine and vdsm be encrypted by default?
2) How the private key for engine can be extracted?