Il giorno gio 24 gen 2019 alle ore 13:08 Milan Zamazal <> ha scritto:
Milan Zamazal <> writes:

> Sandro Bonazzola <> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I was doing integration testing on the current 4.3.0-pre repository which
>> is planned to be released today as RC3 and i can't start a newly created VM:
>> *Bug 1669102* <> - can't
>> start VM qemu-kvm: warning: All CPU(s) up to maxcpus should be described in
>> NUMA config, ability to start up with partial NU MA mappings is obsoleted
>> and will be removed in future
>> can you please have a look? I've the system available for further
>> investigations.
> I can reproduce the error, see
> The problem is:
> qemu-kvm: can't apply global SandyBridge-x86_64-cpu.hv-synic=on: Property '.hv-synic' not found
> It looks like some problem with hyperv settings.

I guess it is and .

Ok, so, unblocking 4.3.0 RC3 since this will be fixed by CentOS rebase on next RHEL batch.
Thanks for the investigation.




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