nice to see students working on oVirt for their final college project!
May I kindly ask more details about your project and what are you trying to achieve by rebuilding oVirt Node?

Il giorno mer 29 lug 2020 alle ore 10:50 Amit Chaudhary <amit.chaudhary1@galgotiasuniversity.edu.in> ha scritto:

i have attached my ovirt zip. the issue im facing is that the kickstart is not generated for el8 and im not able to figure out how to use .j2 file that is being generated. i've manage to frankenstein a kickstart file that is in the zip with all the settings but its also giving error while compressing (dracut module 'livenet' cannot be found or installed) while if i search installed modules of dracut i can see livenet is installed. see see my zip it have logs of last compilation also.

sir/mam it would be a great help for my college final year project project on hci and my research paper.

please sir/mam please help me

Amit Chaudhary


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