I don't think we have a option like this. Michal?

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On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 5:16 AM, zhukaijie <kjzhu14@is.ac.cn> wrote:
Hello, now I have defined a custom property named 'A' in oVirt Engine. Administrator is responsible for entering the value (and arbitrary string ) of 'A' before starting the VM. After an users trys to start the VM in oVirt, VDSM will add the value of 'A' in the qemu:arg of libvirt domain xml, so that the value of 'A' will be added into the QEMU Cmd as a param. However, just like the password of VNC or SPICE, I want to hide the value of 'A' in '*' format in both Libvirt domain xml and QEMU Cmd, So could you please tell me how to achieve it? Thank you very much and happy 2016.
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