We could optimize it for one time use. Is there a BZ to track it?

29 cze 2017 15:57 "Nir Soffer" <nsoffer@redhat.com> napisał(a):
On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 3:54 PM Avihai Efrat <aefrat@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi Guys ,

In ovirt 4.2 vdsClient is deprecated so using vdsm-client in tests I get timeout failures.

When I tested both utilities on a 4.1 host I noticed vdsm-client takes X4 than vdsClient .

Is this known ? 

can we make it faster ? 

Taken from client CLI :
[root@storage-ge3-vdsm1 ~]# time vdsClient -s 0 getVdsHardwareInfo
systemFamily = 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux'
systemManufacturer = 'Red Hat'
systemProductName = 'RHEV Hypervisor'
systemSerialNumber = '4C4C4544-0053-5410-8047-B9C04F465931'
systemUUID = '07FD09C7-8461-4981-B859-A40C548E10FF'
systemVersion = '7.2-9.el7_2.1'

real 0m0.382s
user 0m0.272s
sys 0m0.056s

[root@storage-ge3-vdsm1 ~]# time vdsm-client Host getHardwareInfo
    "systemProductName": "RHEV Hypervisor", 
    "systemSerialNumber": "4C4C4544-0053-5410-8047-B9C04F465931", 
    "systemFamily": "Red Hat Enterprise Linux", 
    "systemVersion": "7.2-9.el7_2.1", 
    "systemUUID": "07FD09C7-8461-4981-B859-A40C548E10FF", 
    "systemManufacturer": "Red Hat"

real 0m1.208s
user 0m0.966s
sys 0m0.111s

The difference is about 0.7 seconds. This can be explained by the 
time needed to load the yaml schema - we load it for every request,
for validating the the request and generating online help.

It takes about 0.1 seconds on a i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, but maybe you are
testing on a much slower machine, or your machine is overloaded for some
other reason?

This was discussed in 

We can make this 100 times faster by using pickle format instead of parsing

We can also make it infinitely faster by loading the schema only when 
generating online help. There is no real need to validate the request
on the client side when the server side is already doing this.