I would like to update on this week's failures and OST current status.
This week I am sending the report a bit earlier due to the holidays.

We had a few failures this week but I am glad to report that the issues were fixed quickly.

on 23-03-2018 we started getting a random failure which seems to be an issue with the ost test hotplug_cpu
This fix was submitted by  Milan to fix the issue: https://gerrit.ovirt.org/89589

On the 27-03-2018 we had a failure on basic_sanity.disk_operations
This seems to be related to locking race and was fixed by Benny on 3 different fixes:

There was an issue with build-artifacts on the vdsm project which was an infra failure as well as a code issue (2 different builds). this was also resolved quickly.

Infra issues:

The ci team discovered and fixed a failure in container cleanup on the the hosts. Daniel submitted this patch: https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/89402/ and it seemed to have resolved the issue.

Gal has been investigating an issue which causes failure due to lack of memory on the host. for now, Gal submitted a fix: https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/89588/

Lastly we had a packaging issue on 4.2 which was resolved as well.

Below you can see the chart for this week's resolved issues but cause of failure:

= regression of working components/functionalities
Infra = infrastructure/OST Infrastructure/Lago related issues/Power outages
OST Tests - package related issues, failed build artifacts

Below is a chart of resolved failures based on ovirt version

Below is a chart showing failures by suite type: