I want to share a nice little tool that can make your life easier.

With this PR:

You will be able to do this:

$ python system-tests.py 98535
2019-03-15 21:17:04,579 INFO    [system-tests] [ 1/8 ] Getting build info for change 98535
2019-03-15 21:17:05,295 INFO    [system-tests] [ 2/8 ] Starting build-artifacts job for {'url': u'git://gerrit.ovirt.org/vdsm', 'ref': u'refs/changes/35/98535/3'}
2019-03-15 21:17:06,134 INFO    [system-tests] [ 3/8 ] Waiting for queue item https://jenkins.ovirt.org/queue/item/382806/
2019-03-15 21:17:07,960 INFO    [system-tests] [ 4/8 ] Waiting for job http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/standard-manual-runner/89/
2019-03-15 21:26:21,381 INFO    [system-tests] [ 5/8 ] Starting oVirt system tests basic suite with custom repos http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/standard-manual-runner/89/
2019-03-15 21:26:22,242 INFO    [system-tests] [ 6/8 ] Waiting for queue item https://jenkins.ovirt.org/queue/item/382817/
2019-03-15 21:30:43,558 INFO    [system-tests] [ 7/8 ] Waiting for job http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/ovirt-system-tests_manual/4330/
2019-03-15 22:10:52,891 INFO    [system-tests] [ 8/8 ] System tests completed with SUCCESS

Yes, one command from your favorite shell. It takes about 53 minutes, but on Fedora you get
notifications when commands finish.

No need to to add "ci please build" comment, wait until the job is complete, copy the job url, open OST page,
wait (jenkins is slow), paste the build artifacts url, start the job, wait, wait more, check if OST is done, (not yet),
wait more..., OST finished, check the logs, did you paste the wrong url?

The tool is not finished yet. If you like to contribute to this fun little project please check
the issues:

Most of the issues are easy. Some harder like:

Feel free to open new issues if you have an idea for this tool.