I ran engine OST this afternoon and it passed. But I also saw Andrej's tracebacks and Jenny reported the same thing yesterday. No idea what is wrong, but both were related to hosted engine setup flow.


On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 11:56 AM, Marek Libra <mlibra@redhat.com> wrote:
Since Andrej ran in similar issue today, I'm posting for others:

When installing oVirt 4.2 first alpha release from scratch on fresh Centos 7 minimal, adding host failed. Unfortunately, I don't have log messages anymore, but I remember last errors were misleadingly related to ovn (no matter the ovn was not configured on the engine).

The issue was resolved by manual installation of python-netaddr package on the host. Subsequently, adding the host in webadmin passed.

What package should require the python-netaddr? ovirt-provider-ovn-driver?

I hope it helps,

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