Il 20/Nov/2016 16:06, "Barak Korren" <> ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> Perhaps the main purpose of CI, is to prevent braking code from
> getting merged into the stable/master branches. Unfortunately our CI
> is not there yet, and one of the reasons for that is that we do large
> amount of our CI tests only _after_ the code is merged.
> The reason for that is that when balancing through, but time
> consuming, tests (e.g. enging build with all permutations) v.s. faster
> but more basic ones (e.g. "findbugs" and single permutation build), we
> typically choose the faster tests to be run per-patch-set and leave
> the through testing to only be run post-merge.
> We'd like to change that and have the through tests also run before
> merge.

Hopefully not the same tests ☺

Ideally we would like to just hook stuff to the "submit"
> button, but Gerrit doesn't allow one to do that easily. So instead
> we'll need to adopt some kind of flag to indicate we want to submit
> and have Jenkins
> "click" the submit button on our behalf if tests pass.
> I see two options here:
> 1. Use Code-Review+2 as the indicator to run "heavy" CI and merge.
> 2. Add an "approve" flag that maintainers can set to +1 (This is
>    what OpenStack is doing).
> What would you prefer?

I would prefer to follow openstack example. Will help developers to have same flow in both projects.

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