Infra stakeholders - any chance to have this pushed to the devel list once a month (or some other reasonable period)?

On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 8:57 PM, Nir Soffer <> wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks to Edward, we have now coverage reports in jenkins.

The way to access the report on jenkins is to use this url:<build-number>/artifact/exported-artifacts/htmlcov/index.html

Here is an example, hopefully it will be accessible when you try:


- Easy way to access the report from gerrit
  It should be easy to add a link the coverage report in the comment added
  by jenkins after a build finish.

- Store the coverage reports for longer time, maybe a week?

- We have only 45% coverage instead of the minimum, 100%.

  Note that coverage of 25% can mean *no* code was run by the tests.
The only code
  running was the functions and class definitions. Here is an example:

  Modules that were never imported during the tests have 0% coverage:

- coverage creates lot of useless noise in the jenkins logs, need to slicense
  this output.
  I did not find a way to do this in nosetests, may need hacking
  nose coverage plugin.

- The report includes only the tests in the tests directory.

   We have additional tests in lib/vdsm/infra/* which are not
included. We should
   move these to the tests directory.

- The report is using absolute paths, but we like shorter relative paths.

  I don't see a way to configure nosetests or coverage to generate
relative paths.
  May need hacking of the generated html/json in htmlcov.

- Add "make coverage" target for running coverage locally

- An easy way to enable coverage for the functional tests or for running
  a single test module.

  Can be done using nosetests --cover* options. Should be documented in
  tests/README, and maybe automated using a script or Makefile.
  When running locally, one would like to have the script open the report
  in the browser automatically:
  xdg-open tests/htmlcov/index.html

- An easy way to enable coverage when testing flows in vdsm

  Petr sent a patch for enabling coverage using vdsm.conf:
  We discussed adding vdsm-coverage package that will make it easy to setup

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