Thanks Milan,

Can you post the fix that you added on the mail?


On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 9:23 AM, Milan Zamazal <> wrote:
Milan Zamazal <> writes:

> Dafna Ron <> writes:
>> We have a failure that seems to be random and happening in several
>> projects.
> Does this failure occur only recently or has it been present for ages?
>> from what I can see, we are failing due to a timing issue in the test
>> itself because we are querying the vm after its been destroyed in engine.
>> looking at engine, I can see that the vm was actually shut down,
> No, the VM was shut down in another test.  It's already running again in
> hotplug_cpu.
>> I would like to disable this test until we can fix the issue since it
>> already failed about 7 different patches from different projects.
> I can see that Gal has already increased the timeout.  I think the test
> could be split to reduce the waiting delay, I'll post a patch for that.

BTW I think the primary cause of the trouble are the infamous Cirros
networking recovery problems.