Il giorno lun 24 giu 2019 alle ore 17:21 Thomas Oulevey <thomas.oulevey@cern.ch> ha scritto:
Hi Folks,

It's time to have a look to the SIGs and the community needs for the
next version of the community build service(cbs). We would like to
request feedback and know if the different communities plan on using
modular builds, and what would be their timeline to be able to produce
C8 artifacts (rpms, imagefactory builds, etc...).

From oVirt perspective we are not planning to build modules but we need to see how advanced virtualization module will look like within CentOS 8.
We plan to consume some modules but not building one also for building in cbs (we'll need at least javapackages-tools module in cbs build root)


As you know Koji is now used to build CentOS 8 [1], and is based on
the mbbox [2] distribution.

It makes sense for cbs.centos.org to follow this trend and be based on
the same templates.

At the same time we needed to evaluate how and where we can deploy the
new Openshift based templates, and associated builders for different arches.

It's understood that the transition between both systems should be
smooth and do not impact your C6/C7 builds and release cycle. We will
plan accordingly.

Please let us know, if you have comments and/or new ideas.

Thomas Oulevey

[1]: https://blog.centos.org/2019/06/centos-8-status-17-june-2019/
[2]: https://github.com/puiterwijk/mbbox
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