I am failing to add a new host to my env with the following message:

2019-12-25 10:57:17,587+02 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.core.dal.dbbroker.auditloghandling.AuditLogDirector] (EE-ManagedThreadFactory-engine-Thread-63) [41ec72c1-88e2-402b-8bb9-f38c678d0bf0] EVENT_ID: VDS_INSTALL_FAILED(505), Host installation failed. Failed to execute Ansible host-deploy role: null. Please check logs for more details: /home/engine/ovirt-engine/var/log/ovirt-engine/host-deploy/ovirt-host-deploy-ansible-20191225105714-

The host is Fedora-30
Ansible version is - 2.9.1
Ansible runner version - 1.3.4


version: 1

target_user: root

playbooks_root_dir: '/home/engine/ovirt-engine/share/ovirt-engine/ansible-runner-service-project'
ssh_private_key: '/home/engine/ovirt-engine/etc/pki/ovirt-engine/keys/engine_id_rsa'
port: 50001
target_user: root

There are no logs at all at the specified location in the error message.
Did someone encounter that issue?


Eyal Shenitzky