a status update, a request and a question:


A first implementation can be found on gerrit[3].

The implementation should be almost ready. The new rpms for hystrix are also moving forward. I would need some people which can give me karma on bodhi. See be

# How to monitor the engine?

It is as easy as starting a hystrix-dashboard [2] with

  $ git clone https://github.com/Netflix/Hystrix.git
  $ cd Hystrix/hystrix-dashboard
  $ ../gradlew jettyRun

As part of the hystrix rpms there is now also a 'hystrix-dashboard' rpm. Using it is pretty simple. Just install it with 'dnf install hystrix-dashboard' and start jetty with 'systemctrl start jetty'. Jetty will then listen on 8080 by default (and if you told selinux that jetty is allowed to access the network).

# Security?

In the provided patches the hystrix-metrics-servlet is accessible at
/ovirt-engine/api/hystrix.stream. It is protected by basic auth but accessible
for everyone who can authenticate. We should probably restrict it to admins.

that would be great if it doesn't require too much work. If it does then we can start with enabling/disabling via JMX using Roy's recent patch [8]

Since I had to implement JMX support anyway to enable and disable hystrix (disabled by default) I am wondering if I can remove the authentication part. There is no sensible data in the hystrix stream and all other services like the db health check are not protected either. It would make it again a little bit easier to use.

3) Three unpackaged dependencies: archaius, hystrix-core, hystrix-contrib

All required packages will be available in rawhide the next few hours. All builds on koji succeeded.
Also all packages for f23 were successfully build.

I would appreciate if some of you find the time to give these f23 pacakges some karma:

archaius-0.7.3-3.fc23 [9] (includes archaius-core and archaius-zookeeper)
hystrix-1.4.21-4.fc23  [10] (includes hystrix-core, hystrix-metrics-event-stream and hystrix-dashboard)

On el7 I had to package a little bit more and the final hystrix package itself is still missing, but some karma on the first round of packages would be very helpful:

archaius-0.4.1-1.el7 [11] (includes archaius-core)
mockito-1.9.0-19.el7 [12]
assertj-core-2.2.0-2.el7 [13]
jctools-1.1-0.3.alpha.el7 [14]
rxjava-1.0.13-2.el7 [15]

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