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> Subject: [ovirt-devel] [RFC] oVirt mobile client
> Hi,
> The focus of our OPW internship program starting in December will be
> mobile and/or lightweight engine clients -- hopefully integrating the
> new ovirt.js project.



> I see that there are some already existing mobile clients for oVirt.
> I'm trying to grasp what we have and what the needs are.

> That's all I see on the first few pages of google.

There was also project from Iordanov about spice/oVirt support on android..

Some days ago it seems he go also support international keyboard layout support:
I finally got some time to back-port the international keyboard layout
support from the Android Ovirt client Opaque into the SPICE client

I made same preliminary tests at the end of 2013 but I was not able to connect to oVirt... 
I don't know actually how it went ahead... the Google channel seems stopped since February...