I've had some questions about the Google Summer of Code, and I wanted to share with you the dates and milestones for the student/mentor onboarding phase of the event. All dates can be found on the GSoC site[1].

Right now we are in the student application phase, which goes until April 3. By that time, students should have their draft proposals in. Then we review them and turn them in to Google by April 16. On April 17, we ask for student slots, and then on April 19, slots are allocated to us.

Finally, on April 24, we tell Google which students are going to take the slots, and then on May 3, Google announces all projects/students/mentors.

Hopefully this helps. Please watch your inbox for notifications from Google to ensure what you are getting does not need an action item. What I get as one of the oVirt admins for GSoC is different that what you get as (potential) mentors.


[1] https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/dashboard/timeline/

Brian Proffitt
Principal Community Analyst
Open Source and Standards