Hardware wise - try one server with CentOS Stream 8 and check that all hardware is recognized and works as expected.

You can start with a single server and expand further. RH dropped Gluster Support for their downstream solution (RHV) , yet oVirt doesn't have plans to get rid of it.

The easiest for you would be to use SAN or NAS as storage. If that's not an option, you can use GlusterFS - which is a distributed File System . The latter needs a 10GBE NICs (1 Gigabit is OK, but don't expect much speed when writing in the VMs).

oVirt supports GlusterFS in 2 modes:
- replica 1 - a mode intended for a single host setup
- replica 3 (where you have 3 copies of your data) - where the storage nodes should be multiple to 3. You can also have compute-only oVirt nodes (those do not participate in GlusterFS but have CPU & RAM to host VMs)

If you configure HA VMs , the engine will take care to recover them on another host. If you loose 2 out of 3 servers - GlusterFS will loose majority of the bricks (term for a host+mount point combination) and will shutdown until majority is restored.

In all cases - you should segregate the network for Storage and Compute workloads (Gluster/NFS on separate network).

P.S.: iSCSI is also a storage  option.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov 

On Fri, Sep 2, 2022 at 9:29, Teemu Saarinen
<teemu.saarinen@netum.fi> wrote:



Our company is planning of taking oVirt in into our environment. We would have a few questions for that if you could guide us.




What would be the minimum configuration for us using oVirt?. Idea would be to replace all our current Linux and Windows servers with oVirt. There are currently 24 servers in use.

The goal would also be that the virtual servers could be migrated live and also in the HA configuration, i.e. if one hardware crashes execution continues on the other.

As far as I understand Ovirt enables this?

So we would like to know what kind of hardware (minimum) we should have for this size of environment?



Do all machines need a lot of hard disk space or is it enough to have only one or two? I'm referring to shared storage. Can you also have storagin as HA?



What happens to HOST1 and HOST2 virtual machines if the oVirt host server crashes?

Do they continue to operate without it, or do they crash at the same time?


Thank You!


Teemu S.

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