On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 3:51 PM, Evgheni Dereveanchin <ederevea@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi everyone,

We have the test-repo_ovirt_experimental_master job failing since build 717:

System tests are also starting to fail:

Here's the list of patches which appeared in build 717:
https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/61384/ - Sandro Bonazzola - packaging: spec: drop default defattr
https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/62026/ - Yaniv Bronhaim   - Using %{_libdir} macro instead of /usr/lib
https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/62028/ - Yaniv Bronhaim   - Require python2-devel specifically to avoid python3 pkg
https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/62049/ - Fabian Deutsch   - Revert "imgbase: Drop journal support"
https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/62050/ - Fabian Deutsch   - cli: Add journal logging

The error is related to secondary storage domain addition,

Note that I (ab)use the secondary storage domains addition (as it takes time) to do other things. For example, run ovirt-log-collector.
So one needs to look at the error carefully.
it sounds like a known bug but now it seems to be triggered every time.

I'm not sure how we can identify the source of the regression
since these tests run on repos of already built RPMs, so the
complete set has to be re-built with a specific patch and tested
to find out the offending one.

Evgheni Dereveanchin

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