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>> Hi all,
>> we’re moving to 4.4.z development now and we need to keep a closer eye on automation results and making sure the build is not broken. For these reasons we’re considering moving to a similar model as vdsm, having a smaller set of people with merge rights to make sure the patches get in in the right order and they meet our sanity standards (OST, bug’s TM)
>> Any objections/comments?
> Any reason to not simply branch 4.4? And have the branch maintained by
> the stable branches maintainers?

just the sheer amount of backports needed (every patch). Doesn’t sound worth the effort of posting and reviewing(even if just formally) everything twice.

If you expect _every_ patch to be backported, just do nothing - let current maintainers do their job, and revert the occasional bad ones when needed.

Otherwise, I think branching is a good approach.

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