oVirt developers community, I see there are a few enhancements submitted in GitHub:
engine: Add amt_ws fence agent support
Notification emails merging and localization

And also some rebase proposal:
Rebase on WildFly 26
Which would probably make more sense to be targeted to an oVirt 4.6 than a 4.5.z.

There are now about three hundreds Untargeted issues(no milestone set) to be triaged and about sixty Untargeted PRs (no milestone set) to be reviewed.
Some of them might be ready for a 4.5.z bugfix release while others can wait for a 4.6.

Anyone willing to step in to lead the oVirt 4.6 development?

A year has passed since my blog post about the future of the oVirt project but the concept is the same: oVirt future depends on how you, the community! Come help contribute to this new future!
CC users community in case someone wants to jump into development as well.


Sandro Bonazzola

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