On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 12:42 PM, Mikey Ariel <mariel@redhat.com> wrote:

What is about to happen

Today we are initiating a **wiki freeze**, which means the old
MediaWiki site will become read-only. This is to ensure that all of
our diff scripts reflect the most current state of the content on the
website, and that we don't lose any content in the transition.

Barring any unexpected blockers, we will port the ovirt.org domain to
point to the new website and open the new website for contributions on
**Monday February 22** or earlier.

Hello Mikey,
it seems it has gone before the announced date...? 

BTW: in your main article I read

by mariel – Monday 30 November 2015

It seems you are surfing back and back in time... give me the recipe, please, I need it NOW ;-)