On Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 2:12 PM Barak Korren <bkorren@redhat.com> wrote:
Over the TLV shut-down we took the time to add support for using Fedora 27 as well as Fedora Rawhide in the oVirt CI system.

To use Fedora 27 just use 'fc27' as you would for other Fedora versions in the CI YAML files and/or file extensions in the 'automation/' directory.

Using Fedora rawhide is similar, you just use 'fcraw' to refer to it.

Cool, thanks!

Vdsm tests are already running with fedora 27 and rawhide in travis, so it should be 
easy to add new builds in jenkins.

Dan, Francesco, any objection to add 2 new builds in master?


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