Hi Liron:
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2013/8/12 Liron Aravot <laravot@redhat.com>

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> From: "plysan" <plysab@gmail.com>
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> Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2013 8:09:19 PM
> Subject: [Engine-devel] should we check for active host before activate SD?
> Hi all:
> Currently I get into a situation with a NFS data center which maintained both
> hosts and storage domains.
> Now if I first activate host then SD, everything works fine. But if I
> mistakenly first activate SD, the data center gets into a non responsive
> status, after this if I try to activate a host, it will get into a non
> operational state, it seems I can't find a way to get the DC running again.
> I think a additional check should be done before activate a SD, and i've
> uploaded a patch for a solution of this issue: http://gerrit.ovirt.org/17940
> I haven't test with other storage types, but activating a SD need a
> functioning host, right? correct me if i'm wrong :)
> Best regards,
> plysan

Hi plysan,
which version of oVirt are you using?
I'm using the latest build with developer mod
I'll try to answer to each issue separatly:
1. Host doesn't move to "UP" after the following - Some fixes were done to avoid such situation from happening - so if you would update that should happend.
Do you mean there is already some fix available?
2. There's no check for any host being up - if that's missing on the flow, it might be added as an improvement, but [1] should get you good to go :)
I think engine should not try to connect to SD knowing that there is no active host, otherwise the action would fail. So the check should be added.
Question is whether there be any situation that SD can be activated successfully even if there is no 'up' host in storage pool?

Let me know if i could help somehow more
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