Il giorno ven 4 giu 2021 alle ore 19:44 Nir Soffer <> ha scritto:
I updated vdsm libvirt requirement to 7.0.0-14. The package exists in centos
stream and rhel so the change is correct, but the install check fails in the CI.

I found that adding the repo to check-patch.repos works:

But depending on does not feel like the right way. I think
keeping a local mirror is the right way.

Please note that despite we are pointing to centos mirrors, CI is running under proxy, so we are caching on our datacenter the rpms we consume anyway.
That said, we can mirror advanced virtualization repos as well and the local mirror will be automatically picked up.

I see we are already mirroring the test repo for CentOS Linux:
   70 : [ovirt-master-centos-advanced-virtualization-el8]
   72 : baseurl=
For CentOS Stream we'll need an addition there. Please open a ticket on about it.

It looks like the stdci docs[1] are not maintained for a while,
listing mirrors for
fedora 30 and centos 7.

I would suggest to open a ticket for this as well


Looking in the mirrors jobs[2] we have advanced-virtualization for centos[3] but
it holds old versions (6.x).

Can we add a local mirror for this repo?