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Adding Eyal, Barak and Sandro and removing Victor.

Personally, I do not mind taking on this task, but I think that I would need help in creating such a task.

I think we are already mirroring everything and refreshing the mirror every few hours.
Issue looks like we are not using them in some jobs.

I did not look deeply into this particular issue, but just to get everyone on the same page.

* We have mirror system that is getting synced every 8 hours and has no known issues
* All repo issues you're seeing in OST are due to one of the following two reasons:
  1. We are white-listing packages into the OST environment and the list needs to
     be maintained as package dependencies change
  2. The OST VMs are not blocked from using the upstream CentOS repos/mirrors. And
     the upstream repos are not updated in an atomic fashion

We have ongoing work [1] to fix issue #2 above, it takes time because it requires meticulous work to get all the required things into the whitelist.

BTW when you see these issues in OST that are doe to upstream CentOS repos not being updated atomically, it usually correlates with a similar failure in the mirror sync job.

[1]: https://ovirt-jira.atlassian.net/browse/OVIRT-1280
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