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Hi Dan,

Thankyou so much for the reply.I really appreciate your quick response on this.

I have one more query==>

Can we run OST with the ovirt source code if I want to run on any Hyper converged system?

I'm not sure that I'm answering your question, but...

Unfortunately, in OST we have a tight coupling between the provisioning tool (Lago) and the tests.

It is possible to decouple them in order to run the tests (minus oVirt deployment test) on an existing system. +Eitan used to have a private patch for that (limited to the network suite). Finishing it would require some effort from you.

Also not sure I'm answering your question, specifically re "on any hyperconverged system" -- ?
But this might help:

^ that allows us to build rpms from code (an existing gerrit patch), which we can then feed to OST. We do this in Jenkins quite frequently -- if you want to do something like this outside of Jenkins, that's probably possible. I guess you would just have to feed it your rpms, perhaps the same way it's done in Jenkins, but I'm not sure.





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