Hello, guys:

I'm trying to make a jboss clustering environment for engine. But felt the difficuty too.
So I want to know if any one is working on this? I googled it and haven't found anything.

I know there will be lots of things to do for engine migrating to clustering environment. I just want to know what problem need to be solved?
I would like to list the things I think that is needed to do(or solve):
1. run jboss in standalone-ha mode or domain mode.
2. add @Clustered annotation to each EJB, I think this will solve the replication problem in cluster, probably lots of details in it.
3. QuartzScheduler problem, only one node running a scheduler is enough at a time instead of each node running one.
4. use mod_cluster to handle load balancing.
5. postgresql clustering.
6. There should be more, but hope anyone can think about it :D

Any ideas?