It might be more load on the storage servers with now running much more jobs.
Evgheni - can you check if the load on the storage servers has changed significantly to justify this degradation of service?

We need to expedite the enablement of SSDs in the hypervisors and move to local hooks.
Anton - do we have a test VM that uses a local DISK we can use to test if it improves the runtime?

On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 11:19 PM, Sandro Bonazzola <> wrote:

Il 24/Mag/2016 17:57, "Fabian Deutsch" <> ha scritto:
> Hey,
> $subj says it all.
> Affected jobs are:
> I.e. 3.6 - before: ~46min, now 1:23hrs
> In master it's even worse: >1:30hrs
> Can someone help to idnetify the reason?

I have no numbers but I have the feeling that all jobs are getting slower since a couple of weeks ago. Yum install phase takes ages. I thoughtit was some temporary storage i/o peak but looks like it's not temporary.

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