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we dropped publishing vdsm ppc64le builds on snapshot repos due to issues keeping aligned nvr between x86_64 and ppc64le.

Today we're still missing ppc64le builds on http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/ovirt-4.1-snapshot/rpm/el7/ppc64le/

Where do we stand with the support for the build of the same nvr ob both arches?

Can we get it re-enabled?

Yes. We solved the issues we had with this a while ago with the new deploy-to-expetimental job. Are you sure the ppc64le builds are not making it to 'tested'? (Im assuming the builds themselves are enabled...)

I suppose the situation with 4.1 is a little different because it is not taking stuff from 'tested' yet...

Sent [1], which should solve it.
Barak, the fact that we still publish nightly to 4.1 in the old way can somehow still cause issues for publishing both ppc64le and x86_64? 
The only thing I can think of is if for a very slim chance, one of the builds of vdsm is running during the time publisher works resulting in a mismatch in the repo, right? 

Yeah, not very probable.

Maybe we should just clean up the publishers and move 4.1 to use 'tested' too. Do we have a ticket about that?


But I don't see a good reason to push it forward unless we hit a problem or blocker, it might cause issues like we've seen in master and also
there is a good chance 4.1 still has old non-standard CI projects that will make it impossible to finish, unless we migrate them to standard CI (which also might not be worth the effort). 

Bottom line, good to have a ticket on it, we'll do if we see its needed at some point. 

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