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Excellent post-mortem!

Do you think its worth adding mirrors to gluster repos like oVirt is doing?

[1] http://ovirt-infra-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/General/Mirror.html

That could be a solution.

But we have the ressources to host a mirror ourself in the DC, it just
need a ip address, and a migration of servers (which is taking a awful
lot of time to happen :/ ).

One issue we would have with a mirror is on the download stats.

This and the need to have a mirrorlist, not sure how that's done on
dnf/yum side theses days.

Someone recently offered to mirror download.gluster.org (I need to dig
archives to find out who exactly). Didn't we take up their offer?
I offered to mirror gluster to ftp.nluug.nl
We already mirror Ovirt for a while, and are happy to setup a mirror for gluster.
Our bandwidth is 10Gb, and we are located in Amsterdam, the netherlands.
I am happy to setup a mirror.

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I've reached out to our metrics team to see what happens to our download metrics if we have a mirror, as being able to have accurate project metrics is pretty important. 

I'll let you know what solution they come up with and we'll move forward from there. 

- amye 

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