Wow, great.

Thank you!

30 kwi 2017 19:40 "Nadav Goldin" <> napisał(a):
Ok, I think the issue was the unqualified domain name. The certificate
was generated(as before for 'engine') without the domain name, i.e.
'lago-basic-suite-master-engine', on VDSM side it resolved the IP to
the address 'lago-basic-suite-master-engine.lago.local' and then
failed comparing it to the unqualified one. I assume this is the
expected behaviour, though not sure(as you can easily resolve
'lago-basic-suite-master-engine' to
'lago-basic-suite-master-engine.lago.local' on the hosts). It should
be fixed in [1], just ran OST manual with the same debugging patch
applied on top of yours, and at least add_hosts passed.


On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 7:50 PM, Piotr Kliczewski <> wrote:
> Sure, will take look later today.
> 30 kwi 2017 18:47 "Nadav Goldin" <> napisał(a):
>> Thanks for the explanation.
>> I added some more debugging messages on top of your patch, could you
>> please take a look at [1] and tell me what do you expect to resolve
>> differently for this to work?
>> [1]