Gerrit bug check code is treating unrelated urls as Bug-Url:

Patch Set 1: Verified-1

The commit message is:

commit 1b666da534c50321ada448e4bf397cab0306fcf1
Author: Nir Soffer <>
Date:   Tue Dec 5 23:47:24 2017 +0200

    fileSD: Use InterruptibleDirectFile backend
    FileStorgeDomainManifest uses now InterruptibleDirectFile for the
    external leases backend.  This ensure that the process does not become
    uninterruptible if storage is non-responsive.
    This change bypass the python bug[1] causing the entire process to hang
    when opening the special xleases volume. Now the operation is done in
    the child process outside of Vdsm.
    Change-Id: I8a0eb42baa73b6c0a877ad9acbe53ac51f31bfea
    Signed-off-by: Nir Soffer <>

There is exactly one Bur-Url. The other url is a bugzilla url but it should
be consumed only by humans, not by machines. Machines should use
only the Bug-Url.